Looking for a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist that integrates mindfulness? Best psychotherapy reviews.
Manhattan psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, social phobia, anger, and panic. CBT is also effective for alcohol/substance abuse and eating disorders.
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Claude Borenzweig, Cognitive Therapy, with 2 Manhattan locations: 26 West 9th Street 10011, and Upper West Side: 680 West End Avenue 10025. CBT and mindfulness for treatment of anxiety, depression, add, and adhd. Sliding-scale. Mindfulness based stress reduction or mbsr. Choosing a therapist. Cognitive therapist Manhattan. CBT combined with mindfulness. Top rated.


The psychotherapist does psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and cognitive therapy, couples and marital counseling. He treats, depression, anxiety, panic, add, adhd, obsessive or compulsive behavior, anger, social phobia, eating disorders, fear of flying, addiction, sleep, insomnia. Buddhism, buddhist thought and mindfulness meditation practice are integrated into the work. Shambhala. Trained in Schema Therapy and Albert Ellis' REBT. New York Times article on CBT and insomnia. Sliding-scale, short term CBT therapy, is effective for anxiety, depression, anger, phobias, OCD, alcohol and substance abuse. The cognitive behavioral therapist has uptown and downtown offices convenient to Brooklyn, Greenwich Village, Union Square, Tribeca, Soho, Chelsea, Midtown, Westchester, New Jersey, and the Upper East Side. A buddhist therapist.